Paniolo Cowboy And His Barefoot Rodeo

This song is about a Hawaiian cowboy who rides down the volcano, Hualalai, on the Big Island of Hawaii. He removes his boots and his hat to ride his rodeo . . . surfing at a place called Banyan Tree. The horses happened to be along the side of the road and joined right in.

Hula Moon with Kainoa/Music by Randy Smith

In 1889, Robert Louis Stevenson was walking on the shores of Ho’okena. He heard a mother and child weeping as the little girl was torn from her mother’s arms, placed in a dory and rowed out to a schooner. She was sailed away never to be seen again. She was a leper child bound for Molokai. This song was written by Randy Smith and the hula is choreographed and performed by Kainoa.