One Face Into the Wind

One Face Into the Wind is now available! You can order online by visiting our CD Baby page or contact us directly to request a copy. You can listen to the CD online by clicking the song titles.

The Paniolo Cowboy and His Barefoot Rodeo

Randy likes to write songs of Ireland and Hawaii, but after Linda got the chance to be involved in a Bluegrass music group, we were introduced to Colorado cowboys. So I said Randy, write me a cowboy song. It turned out he did, but because of his love of Hawaii, he wrote one about the Hawaiian Paniolo Cowboys. The cowboy rides down the slope of the volcano, leaves his hat and boots beside his horse, grabs his surfboard and rides the waves.

Call My Name

Written because we love to explore the beach together.


Randy’s first love song to Linda.

One Face Into the Wind

Randy wrote this song to Linda for their 20th wedding anniversary. That’s how we face all that life throws our way, together with our Lord, One face into the wind.


Randy ponders the idea of what people will remember about him. What mark will you leave on this world?

Tears of Galilee

Randy built a harp for Linda although she didn’t play. She’s learned enough to have fun jamming with others. This little song just came out of the harp one day.


written from the perspective of a simple Roman guard on his way to work one day and how it changed his life.

Tears of Galilee (again)

makes such a nice embrace around the theme of the Centurian song.

Makin Diamonds

Randy deals with chronic pain and would often find himself clenching his fists, so he thought of the old Superman comic books and how if he held a piece of coal and squeezed it hard enough he could make a diamond. That turned into a song with a much deeper meaning. If you’ve ever had physical pain, a broken heart or in need of a friend, this song is for you.

Dance of the Trade Wind Clouds

Watching a Hawaiian woman dance a beautiful traditional dance, the young man in the song believes it might be for him.

I Saw Him Wave

Randy wrote this song for Linda’s dad when he died in 2002. He was a farmer and loved the land. We believe he still gets to do what he loves in heaven.

Leonard is Heaven Bound

Written when Linda’s Uncle Leonard died. The simplicity of belief in Christ’s love is perfect and no other means are necessary.

Old Shoulders

Written by Linda when she had shoulder surgery. The idea of shoulders became foremost in her mind and she realized how much strength they carry. That naturally made her think of her mother.

Bells of Father Damian

While searching for something good the missionaries did in Hawaii, Randy came across Father Damien, the Leper Priest. Not being Catholic, we didn’t know anything about him. This song represents a dream Randy had about him before he even knew the details. Later, as he studied about Father Damien, the information actually matched the dream. Linda is playing harp and a dear friend is playing cello.

Warm Coat in the Wind

For You

Tell Me the Stories of Jesus

Describes the journey that many of us take in life.

Simon Peter

One of Linda’s favorites. We follow the story of Peter, his ups and downs.

For the Love of the Lamb

This song is written for all those who have been martyred for Jesus. Dedicated to Sokha, who as believers, watched his family killed in Cambodia.

Sparrow’s Lullaby


Written from the perspective of Mary’s husband at the birth of the Son of God.

The North

Randy’s ancestors are from Northern Ireland and he has a passion for the history of his homeland.

My Father’s Arms

Randy wrote this for his father, Hal, when he died about 7 yrs ago. Randy sang this as Hal lay dying encouraging him that when he got tired, his heavenly father would carry him home. After his death, he found out that Hal died exactly 14 years to the day that his own father died. So we are sure that not only his heavenly Father greeted him, but that his earthly father did too.

Lass of Isle Magee

Randy’s family is from Isle Magee in Northern Ireland. As he wrote about the fisherman hearing their wives singing to them while out at sea, he didn’t find out till later, that that’s exactly how they found their bearings home in the fog when there was no lighthouse to be seen. Linda is accompanying on harp and our friend again on cello.

McGee’s Pub

On a more humorous note, take this one with a light heart. Picture an old married Irish couple whose love surpasses their hearty banter.