Making Diamonds

Making Diamonds is now available!  You can contact us for a CD, $10 each and we’ll get one to you or go to the CD Baby website: where you can preview the songs and download.

These eighteen Christian songs are all intended to comfort the weary heart.  We are all pieces of coal in the hand of God and through the pressures of life, He makes diamonds. This storyteller/songwriter paints word pictures of his journey of hope and faith through many years of pain and loss. He once asked God to heal him since he was so broken and that he believed in order to be of use to God, he should be made whole. God said to him, “Do you know how long it took me to break you?” We are broken vessels so the love of God that is poured into us may flow out to others. The cracks are part of His perfect design. People who have listened to this music say they play it often and that it brings them much comfort.

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