New CD “Making Diamonds”

Making Diamonds Visit our CD Baby page to order online or contact us to request a copy.

Our new CD was created out of the desire to give hope and comfort and encouragement to those who might be in physical pain or those who may have lost a loved one or those who may just need a friend. As a person who understands chronic pain, Randy has been on a journey feeling both the ups and downs of God’s mighty hand in his life and also sometimes feeling abandoned by Him. But knowing that God is still on the throne, he believes that this is all part of His perfect design for his life. Through his folk-style of finger-picking acoustic guitar along with Linda’s harmonies and his vivid and thought provoking lyrics, we hope this music brings comfort.

Randy and Linda Smith

One thought on “New CD “Making Diamonds”

  1. Dear Randy and Linda. thank you for the wonderful gift of music, so good at this tough time, checked out your website, beautiful. God bless you two, LaVonne

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