Peasant Priest

This original song was written by Randy Smith in honor of the “Peasant Priest” who loved Jesus and laid down his life for others . . . a song of remembrance. King Kamehameha had decreed that all lepers be gathered from the Hawaiian Islands and be put in wooden cages to be sailed to the Kalawao Peninsula on the island of Molokai. They were thrown into the surf and if they survived to make it to shore, were forced to live beneath the two thousand foot cliffs. Inf1863, after spending 148 days aboard the RW Wood, Joseph de Veuster (Father Damien) arrived in Honolulu from Belgium at the age of 23. His first mission field was the Puna district of lava flows o the Big Island of Hawaii where he spent nine years on horseback near the active volcano of Kilauea which he said “gave the clearest example of Hell”. On a visit to the Island of Molokai with his Bishop, he was overwhelmed with the suffering he saw and asked to be left behind to serve the lepers. He spent sixteen years as a servant of God to humanity on the Kalawao Peninsula where he died of leprosy in April of 1889.

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